Street Roots

for those who cannot afford free speech

Our Mission

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

Latest News

Louis Adams has moved into Bud Clark Commons after medical issues pushed him to top of waiting list

Louis Adams is back indoors after being homeless for 17 years.

“It is just like winning the lottery,” he says.

Readers have a chance to support both Street Roots and What’s the Scoop? for continuing to make a brave stand and doing what’s right for our community

What do Street Roots, Planned Parenthood and What’s the Scoop? ice cream all have in common? We all support offering crucial services to people experiencing poverty and the larger community, and we all love ice...

A look inside the Seattle community of Tent City 3, established years ago by people experiencing homelessness and sanctioned by the city

Tent cities — organized and run by people experiencing homelessness — are becoming de facto living options in times of limited shelter and low-income housing. Seattle, which like Portland has a...

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