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for those who cannot afford free speech

Our Mission

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

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Street Roots Volunteer Positions

As a growing, grassroots nonprofit, the support of the community and volunteers is critical to the success of Street Roots. We seek to integrate a dynamic team of creative leaders in all aspects of our organization. The following are some of the positions in which volunteers serve at Street Roots:


  Vendor Program

  • Front Desk - staff the vendor front desk interfacing with vendors and community members, sell the newspaper, answer the phone, light office tasks
  • Office Assistant - maintain cleanliness of the office, support vendor staff on miscellaneous tasks, offer hospitality to vendors
  • Creative Writing Facilitator - facilitate weekly writing workshop with 5-10 vendors
  • Office Decorator - keep the office looking fun and welcoming with themed decor 
  • Event Support - Assist with vendor events and leisure activities (e.g. Holiday party, zoo trips)
  • Transportation - Help with pickup, delivery, and recycling center runs on an as-needed basis 

 Rose City Resource Guide

  • Data Entry -  enter data on organizations who pick-up the RCRG
  • Delivery - transport the RCRG to select organizations after bi-annual printing

 Editorial Program

  • Copy Editor - Proofread the paper on Wednesday afternoons with a group of peers
  • Vendor Profile Writer - Interview and write up a short feel-good story on a vendor
  • Poetry Editor - Transcribe, organize, track, work with authors to improve pieces, and select poetry for the paper.
  • Puzzle Compiler - Utilize Street Roots’ puzzle program to create Crosswords, Word Searches and Sudoku puzzles for the paper


  • Event Support - Assist with preparations, set-up and running of development events (e.g. Family Breakfast)
  • Donation Sourcer - Procure items for vendor health needs and other organizational needs
  • Stapling & Mailings Assistant - Support winter and spring fund drives through stapling and mailing assistance

 Advocacy - Currently no volunteer positions -  

If you have other skills and talents that don’t seem to fit into one of these roles, please still fill out a volunteer application, and we can connect to see if there might be a fit for you. If you are a writer or photographer interested in contributing to the paper, please contact our Managing Editor, Joanne Zuhl, at

Street Roots is open every day. Office hours:

  • Monday-Friday 7:30am-3pm
  • Saturday 7:30am-2pm
  • Sunday 7:30am-1pm

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Questions? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: or 503-228-5657

Our Friends Speak About Street Roots

Street Roots and its writers and vendors are an invaluable part of our community's fabric. Social justice is only within our grasp only when we all participate in learning about, supporting, and fighting for this mission. Street Roots is a daily reminder, on blocks throughout Portland, that we are all in this together.

- Mara Zepeda, co-founder, Switchboard